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Garamtata Safaris is situated in the far north of South Africa in the heart of the Mopane bushveld. The lodge is approximately 150 kilometres north of Polokwane in the rain shadow of the Soutpansberg mountain range between Louis Trichardt and Musina.

Experience the breathtaking scenery, endless vistas and majestic baobab trees, with nothing but the sounds of the Mopane bushveld. Whether you are travelling for business, looking for a quiet break away with family, visiting the northern region of the Kruger National Park, interested in a hunting safari of simply passing by, Garamtata Safaris is the ideal place to satisfy your every need.

Besides the spectacular views there is a wide variety of game, birds and tree species. Amongst the numerous game species are Sable antelope, golden Oryx, black Impala and Giraffe. Bird lovers can lookout for Martial Eagle, Pale Chanting Goshawk, White Crowned Shrike and many other beautiful species. Iconic bushveld trees like the Red Bush Willow, giant Leadwood, Wild Syringa, Marula, along with the overwhelming Mopane and mysterious Baobab trees provide the essential nutrients and much needed shade during the day. Taking all of this into consideration it is a paradise for any wildlife enthusiast.

"Old Venda legend has it that the first baobab sprouted beside a small lake. As it grew taller and looked about it noted the colourful flowers, large leaves and beautiful trunks of the other trees. Looking at his own reflection in the lake, he could not help but to notice that his own flowers lacked bright colours, his leaves were small and that his trunk was huge and wrinkled. The baobab complained to his gods about the bad deal it had been given. Finally the gods seized the baobab by his trunk, yanked it from the ground and stuck it back up-side down. From that day forward the baobab has been paying off its transgression, in silence, by doing good deeds to the environment and its people." -Anonymous-